Miscellaneous Files
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Click to DownloadNameGenerator.zipnamegenerator1.jpg
791Files from the US Census, Lastnames and Male firstnames and program to combine them for player names for your gamesfirstnames.txt, lastnames.txt, namegenerator.exe4/10/2011 2:46:58 PM
Click to DownloadRetroSheetPrograms.zip n/a50Two programs to read the game log files from Retrosheet.org, CSV files output of As-Played Schedule and Lineups the other for ComebacksRSGLFiles_Schedules.exe, RSGLFiles_Scores.exe5/18/2011 8:19:34 PM
Click to Downloadutil_ocxs.zip N/A197the 3 OCX files that are used by my utilitiles, plus instructions for registering themcomdlg32.ocx, msflxgrd.ocx & resize32.ocx3/7/2011 8:08:14 PM
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