The programs work with DMB Version 10
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Program NameScreen SampleSize KbDescriptionIncludesLast Update
Click to MastPlayer.png32702 spreadsheets that show the UID, Name, Debut Year, Final Year and birth date on all players on the mastplyr.dat file with V11DMB_Master_By_Year.xls, DMB_Master_by_Alpha.xls7/31/2014 11:54:15 AM
Click to DMB_Not_Here_V11.png50For DMB V11 - Program allows you to list players who appear on one season disk and not another and optionally create a file of dropped or additionsDMB_Note_Here.exe7/31/2014 12:30:15 PM
Click to DMB_ParkData.png201Program to display and print DMB Park data (fence distances, fence heights and hitter park factors, output of text files (like report) or CSV (comma separated values)DMB_ParkData.exe & MLG.DLL8/12/2014 8:13:12 PM
Click to DownloadEnc_Sheet_V11.zipENC_SHEET.jpg
70Program to load DMB Encyclopedia player and team stats into an Excel Spreadsheetenc_sheet_V11.exe, resize32.ocx2/10/2017 6:53:04 PM
Click to STAT_SHEET.JPG50Program to load Game by Game stats directly into an Excel spreadsheet.dmb_SPBNow_V11.exe, resize32.ocx5/28/2017 9:21:03 AM
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